Our instructors

Jim Fletemier

Instructor DREI, CDEI

Jim is a Nationally recognized motivational humorist, Real Estate Instructor and instructional developer, as well as a former residential Broker in the Lake Norman/ North Charlotte market of North Carolina. He was awarded his DREI designation in 2017, and served as the President of the North Carolina Real Estate Educators Association during the 2021-22 term. He brings a true passion and a unique approach to lifelong learning, and an observational lense that puts a different spin on things. Jim is the Lead Conversational Captain for the recently launched research project on Social Cognition theory “ Change for a Pair o’ Dimes” that seeks to capture how modern Sociological factors have affected the adult cognitive process. A self-proclaimed dog person and keen observer of the obvious, Jim regularly leaves his students smiling, laughing, and inspired; while somehow having learned even more than they realize. A true believer in leading by example, Jim is known for demonstrational teaching methods that highlight the skills being taught, and for helping instructors develop their unique and innate teaching style.