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North Carolina real estate broker working on the go

Is It Hard to Be in North Carolina Real Estate?

Is it hard to be in North Carolina real estate? What about real estate in general? We asked real estate professionals across the country that very question to get a sense of what the challenges are for agents and brokers who are new to…

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Newly licensed real estate broker shaking hands with a managing broker

How to Choose a Managing Broker

As a new North Carolina real estate broker, the first thing you’ll need to do after you pass your licensing exam is choose a managing broker (i.e., broker-in-charge). Don’t let the process of finding a managing real estate broker to work for intimidate you.…

Real estate mentor and mentee looking at an iPad together

How to Find a Real Estate Mentor

As a new North Carolina real estate broker, you have been doing all of the “right” things to launch your career—networking, getting to know your market, working on your prospects list. Still, getting started in real estate can be challenging, especially in the first…

Young real estate broker interviewing with a broker-in-charge after recently passing her real estate exam

What to Do After You Pass Your North Carolina Real Estate Exam

Congratulations! You’ve passed your real estate exam. As a new addition to the large network of North Carolina real estate professionals currently working to aid buyers and sellers through the process, there are a few logical next steps to take after completing your exam.…

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Tax forms spread out on table with calculator, pen, and eyeglasses

Tax Deductions for Real Estate Brokers

Do you feel like you do the work of five people? You spend way more time in the car than the typical commuter. You’re on the go so often that you find yourself eating out most of the time. When you’re at the office,…

New broker learning how to write real estate listing copy that sells

How to Write Real Estate Listing Copy That Sells

Professional photos are important, but strong real estate listing copy can make a world of difference in how many views your listing receives. By writing appealing copy, you can convert interest into action and showings into closed sales. Every listing you write as a…

North Carolina broker using real estate negotiation strategies to close a deal

Key Real Estate Negotiation Strategies to Master

As a North Carolina real estate broker, your income is determined by your ability to close the deal. To successfully master the art of real estate negotiations, you’ll want to find the most creative and powerful negotiation strategies. Finding clients is only the first…

Millennial home buyers getting the keys to their new house

How to Connect with Millennial Real Estate Prospects

Millennial home buyers have entered the housing market in a big way. As of 2015, Millennials surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest generational group in America, and they now make up the largest group of home buyers. As a new North Carolina real estate…

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North Carolina Property Investment Strategies 101

North Carolina Property Investment Strategies 101

One of the best aspects of real estate investing is the variety of options that you can choose from. If you are thinking about property investment strategies—whether you have a North Carolina real estate license or not—you must be wondering which way to take.…