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Newly licensed real estate broker shaking hands with a managing broker

How to Choose a Managing Broker

As a new North Carolina real estate broker, the first thing you’ll need to do after you pass your licensing exam is choose a managing broker (i.e., broker-in-charge). Don’t let the process of finding a managing real estate broker to work for intimidate you.…

Smiling young real estate professional assesses value of vacant residential property, dressed in professional clothing to reflect her personal real estate brand.

How to Define Your Personal Real Estate Brand

New North Carolina real estate brokers can often get caught up in the myriad of details that go into entering this profession. There are courses to take and tests to pass to become licensed. You need to decide on a broker-in-charge to help you…

Stressed young professional, rookie real estate broker working at home using lap top and looking anxious

5 Common Mistakes Made by Rookie Real Estate Brokers

When getting started in North Carolina real estate, it’s important to understand the common mistakes that can prevent you from realizing your full potential and achieving success in the business. Take your real estate career further, faster, by avoiding the following missteps made by…

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Couple entering while real estate agent showing new kitchen

Who Does the Broker Represent?

The Scenario: Buyers see a house they like and call the listing broker shown on the sign out front to arrange to see the house. While at the house, the buyers tell the listing broker their motivations, timeline, financial information, and their willingness to…

real estate assistant interview

How to Hire a Real Estate Assistant in 9 Steps

The life of a real estate professional can be fast-paced and demanding. Scheduling, taking calls and handling everyday details can distract from big picture goals, which is why many real estate brokers and brokers-in-charge hire a real estate assistant. If you’re at a point…

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Find insights on real estate specializations in North Carolina

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Real estate broker gazing out her office window with a big smile

How to Have a Rewarding Real Estate Career

If you’re finding yourself unmotivated and uninspired in your real estate career, you might want to ask yourself why—then do something to change it. Everyone has an occasional bad day. But if your bad days are getting more frequent, it might be time to…

North Carolina Property Investment Strategies 101

North Carolina Property Investment Strategies 101

One of the best aspects of real estate investing is the variety of options that you can choose from. If you are thinking about property investment strategies—whether you have a North Carolina real estate license or not—you must be wondering which way to take.…