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Working from home, woman meets with colleagues via video conference

How to Build Client Relationships Virtually

Real estate is a people business. Brokers are most successful when they make connections, build deep networks, and nurture professional and personal relationships from the ground up. Unfortunately, 2020 has put a dent in those abilities. The COVID-19 pandemic has made physical interactions difficult, forcing…

raleigh north carolina

Top Real Estate Markets to Watch for 2021

According to recent surveys from the Pew Research Center, a whopping 22% of Americans said they’d either moved or know someone who did during the pandemic. Naturally, this has caused some major shifts in U.S. housing markets, both in demand and in pricing. Here…

Real estate broker talking and laughing with new clients

Real Estate Broker’s Guide to Making a Good First Impression

First impressions are everything—especially in the real estate industry, where the success of your business is directly correlated to the relationships you build. You only have one chance to make a good first impression, so it’s important to keep this in your mind when…

Veteran standing proudly outside a residential home

5 Reasons Veterans Make Great Real Estate Brokers

Are you a North Carolina veteran transitioning to the private sector? Many veterans find that the valuable skills they picked up during their training don’t always get recognized in the job market, or simply don’t help when it comes to finding suitable careers for…

winter street

5 Tips for Real Estate Brokers to Keep Busy During the Winter

Real estate sales may be slow during the colder months in North Carolina. But that doesn’t mean your real estate business can hibernate, too. Slow periods can provide you with significant opportunities to improve your marketability, expand your client base, and grow as a…

real estate agent talking to homebuyers

How to Help Buyers Navigate a Hot Housing Market

As a North Carolina real estate broker, it’s your job to guide people through the homebuying process. In a competitive real estate market, that process can be particularly challenging for your buyer clients. You are there to help them make the right decisions so…