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What Clients Want From Their Real Estate Broker

Real estate is a wealth-generating industry. Almost every multi-millionaire in the country will say that a good portion of their fortune has been made in the real estate industry. Many will say that having a real estate license was instrumental to their financial success. They will…

Smiling young real estate professional assesses value of vacant residential property, dressed in professional clothing to reflect her personal real estate brand.

How to Define Your Personal Real Estate Brand

New North Carolina real estate brokers can often get caught up in the myriad of details that go into entering this profession. There are courses to take and tests to pass to become licensed. You need to decide on a broker-in-charge to help you…

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Building Your Real Estate Personal Brand as a New Broker

Personal real estate branding is the process of developing your own individual brand and fostering local brand recognition. If you think about the products and services you use regularly, you probably get a quick glimpse of their logo or brand in your mind. As…