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10 Digital Marketing Tips for Real Estate Brokers

In today’s tech-savvy real estate world, a solid digital marketing strategy and a well-honed social media presence can make all the difference. Together, they can increase your brand awareness and, most importantly, deliver more qualified leads. In fact, according to a survey from the…

Young real estate professional working on laptop, grabbing her head, frustrated at what she sees on screen. Real estate technology frustrations concept.

6 Ways Real Estate Technology Can Be Bad for Business

Technology is supposed to make everything easier, and yet it is often the source of so many problems. As a North Carolina real estate broker, you can’t do your job without relying on real estate technology to some degree. However, you do have to…

Working from home, woman meets with colleagues via video conference

How to Build Client Relationships Virtually

Real estate is a people business. Brokers are most successful when they make connections, build deep networks, and nurture professional and personal relationships from the ground up. Unfortunately, 2020 has put a dent in those abilities. The COVID-19 pandemic has made physical interactions difficult, forcing…