Listen and Learn: Superior School of Real Estate Launches Audio Courses 

Everyone learns differently. Some prefer to learn by reading written text, while others retain more information when they hear it. However, many do best when materials are simultaneously delivered by text and speech. Are you an auditory learner? If so, you’ll be excited to learn that Superior School of Real Estate now offers real estate audio courses.

Superior School of Real Estate has partnered with ReadSpeaker to enhance your learning experience. As a student, you’ll have access to the same quality lessons created by seasoned state-certified real estate instructors. But now, you’ll also enjoy a text-to-voice experience using your choice of 31 voices.

Are You an Auditory Learner?

You may already know that you are an auditory learner based on your previous educational experiences. However, some of you may have never considered your learning style. Here are some characteristics of auditory learners.

  • Strong listening skills
  • Is good at explaining
  • Prefers spoken directions to written directions
  • Distracted by background noises
  • Remembers names
  • Skilled at oral presentations
  • Talks to self

Based on these characteristics, do you think you are an auditory learner? Even if you don’t have these traits, learners of every style can benefit from audio courses.

Benefits of Listening to Your Real Estate Courses

Listening to educational content has many benefits – especially when preparing for a sales career. Here are some reasons you should consider using Superior’s new audio tool for your real estate pre-licensing courses.

Convenience and flexibility

You can listen to your real estate courses while driving, exercising, or doing household chores. Since you won’t be tied to a screen, you can complete your classes anytime and anywhere. ReadSpeaker is a perfect tool for students with busy schedules.

Improved comprehension and retention

Listening to content can help you learn it better. And the ReadSpeaker text-to-speech voices are lifelike and engaging, as you can hear from demo.

Increased engagement and motivation

Audio formats help maintain interest and motivation, especially for long or complex topics. Do you need help to get through a complicated lesson? Turn on the audio to increase engagement with the material.

Makes educational content more accessible to everyone

Students with visual impairments or reading difficulties can significantly benefit from text-to-speech educational content. It can also relieve eye strain caused by prolonged reading. In addition, text-to-voice can benefit language learners.

Makes you a better listener

Real estate salespeople must be excellent listeners. Improve your listening skills by training your brain with audio content.

Multisensory learning

Text-to-voice tools reinforce learning by engaging auditory senses alongside visual and kinesthetic methods. Audio content offers a more holistic learning experience by catering to different learning styles.

Customized learning solution

Learners can control the playback speed and replay sections that need further review. This customized learning solution is perfect for someone who has not entered a traditional classroom in years and may be nervous about taking classes again.

Reduces stress

Listening to audio content can be more relaxing and less mentally taxing than reading dense text. You are more likely to succeed when you have a stress-free learning environment.

Review audio material before your exam

Relistening to portions of your pre-licensing course will help you review complicated material before taking your real estate licensing exam.

How ReadSpeaker Works with Your Pre-Licensing Courses

ReadSpeaker is available for any of Superior School of Real Estate’s online North Carolina pre-licensing courses. To activate the audio function, click the “Listen” button at the top of the page. Speed up and slow down the material based on your comfort level. Those following along with the written text will see that it is highlighted.

Access to Read Speaker is one of the many benefits of choosing Superior School of Real Estate as your pre-licensing school.

Superior School of Real Estate employs industry experts and seasoned professionals as instructors, ensuring you receive helpful, current information when completing your North Carolina real estate pre-licensing courses.

Our courses will prepare you for your North Carolina and national licensing exam — and real-world scenarios.

Finally, Superior School of Real Estate offers many career resources for beginning and experienced agents. We offer post-licensing and continuing education courses to help you renew and upgrade your license. Superior is a one-stop shop for all your real estate education needs. Contact a real estate licensing advisor today to learn more!

Key Takeaways

  • Superior School of Real Estate now offers real estate audio courses.
  • Audio courses benefit auditory learners and those having different learning styles.
  • Text-to-voice courses make learning more accessible and convenient.
  • ReadSpeaker is just one of many learning tools offered by Superior School of Real Estate.