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Real estate broker who's just helped a young couple find their dream home

5 Key Characteristics of North Carolina Real Estate Brokers

What are the most important characteristics of North Carolina real estate brokers? Whether it’s their desire to help people or their personal drive and ambition, a handful of qualities often distinguish the great brokers from the good ones. If you’re thinking about starting a…

A team of real estate professionals giving a group high-five to stay motivated

How to Stay Motivated Past January

January is the time when everyone is setting New Year’s resolutions for their professional and personal lives. But too often those goals and aspirations are abandoned by February. So, how can you keep those New Year’s resolutions and stay motivated to grow your real…

Young real estate broker interviewing with a broker-in-charge after recently passing her real estate exam

What to Do After You Pass Your North Carolina Real Estate Exam

Congratulations! You’ve passed your real estate exam. As a new addition to the large network of North Carolina real estate professionals currently working to aid buyers and sellers through the process, there are a few logical next steps to take after completing your exam.…