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Professional woman and man using smart phone technology for real estate brokers on the go

Best Technology for Real Estate Brokers in North Carolina

The right technology can make life a whole lot easier for North Carolina real estate brokers. There are myriad tools available to help your business run smoothly, you just have to know which ones are worth trying out. In a survey conducted last year,…

African man wearing headphones sits at desk smiling, completing professional development course online

4 Professional Development Tips for North Carolina Real Estate Brokers

Professional development is a great way to stay ahead of the competition. A recent survey by McKissock Learning indicated that real estate salespeople who invest in their professional development earn nearly $50,000 more annually than those who don’t. Below, real estate professionals from across…

A female real estate professional meeting with her client, checking her phone, multitasking

4 Time Management Tips for Real Estate Professionals

No two days in real estate are alike. That’s what we love so much about this profession; it keeps you on your toes. But with all the excitement and daily tasks—from administrative tasks to showing homes, negotiating contracts, home inspections, office duty, marketing, and…