Best Technology for Real Estate Brokers in North Carolina

Professional woman and man using smart phone technology for real estate brokers on the go

The right technology can make life a whole lot easier for North Carolina real estate brokers. There are myriad tools available to help your business run smoothly, you just have to know which ones are worth trying out. In a survey conducted last year, we asked real estate professionals across the country to share insights into the best technology for real estate brokers and agents. Here are the top technology tools and apps that they recommended.

#1: Dotloop

To make real estate transactions quicker and smoother, a document sharing and e-signing tool is highly recommended. Dotloop is one such tool that is specifically designed for real estate professionals. It allows you and your clients to edit, sign, share and store documents from anywhere—even on the go.

Estimated price: $29/month for individuals (team pricing is available upon request)

If you know anything about marketing, you know that email open rates and response times can be pretty bad. That is why I have adopted the new messenger feature on dotloop’s mobile app. It allows me to share documents via text, which gets responded to much faster than email on average. I can also use this messenger feature if I do not know the client’s phone number yet. For example, if I have the husband’s phone number but only the wife’s email, I can still use the messenger feature to reach out to them both. The clients do not need to download the app to make all of this work. Anything they text or email back to me is captured in my account’s messenger center. By keeping all of my communication in one place, if I need to produce records of my conversations (in case of a discrepancy), I can do so easily with a CSV file export. This feature is great if your broker requires a complete record of all communication for compliance purposes. Another feature of the app that I like is the ability to take a picture (or import a previously taken photo) into a transaction and have it automatically converted into a PDF. I use this feature all of the time. It’s like having a scanner in your pocket. One time, when showing a newly listed house, I could not find the Seller’s Property Disclosure on the MLS, but I saw that there was a copy on the kitchen counter. I took a picture (i.e. scanned) the document and was able to put together a solid offer on the spot for my client, rather than waiting for the listing agent to email me a copy of the disclosures directly. – Hunter M.

#2: Buffer

As a busy real estate broker, it can be difficult to stay on top of social media, especially if you have multiple accounts that you’re posting to regularly. Buffer has everything you need to plan, manage, and track your social media marketing all in one place. (Want more tips on how to automate your real estate marketing? Read this article.)

Estimated Price: $15/month to $99/month (or free version is available at the end of your trial period)

I use Buffer for posting for social media. It is easy to learn and just as easy to use! There is a free version that allows you to post up to 10 posts a month. I just make my graphic, upload it to Buffer and schedule it for the day I want it to run! – Sherry D.

#3: Prezi

Looking to impress potential seller clients? Consider creating a presentation that highlights your past experience and successes. Prezi presentation software might be just what you need to land that next listing—and the next, and the next.

Estimated Price: From $7/month to $59/month (after a 14-day free trial)

Don’t just talk a big game about your marketing plan. Back it up with examples. Prezi software, which displays the presentation on an iPad, promotes interaction and makes a great impression. You can control the flow with your iPhone. Show the sellers that you’ve done it before. Reference past successes, statistics, market share, rankings and client reviews. – Mehdi E.

#4: Taxbot

As a real estate broker in North Carolina, you’re bound to rack up a ton of mileage on your car. Plus, you’ll have plenty of work-related expenses, which may include office equipment, membership dues, etc. Taxbot is an automated mileage and expense tracker that makes it super easy to record potential tax write-offs.

Estimated Price: $100/year (after a 14-day free trial)

I found that keeping track of mileage, receipts, and other information for tax purposes was too time-consuming and disorganized. I signed up for Taxbot and now my mileage is automatically tracked. I can photograph and upload receipts and other information to the app on my phone and print out reports for my taxes. The cost is minimal and it is very easy to use. – Sherry D.

#5: A client relationship management (CRM) system

Experienced real estate professionals agree that a client relationship management (CRM) system is a valuable tool for nurturing client relationships, generating referrals, following up with new leads, and keeping all your contacts organized. (Want to learn more about generating referrals? Read this article.)

Estimated Price: See this article for brand comparison

When it comes to real estate, a CRM is a must. Always add contacts into CRM with notes so no client slips through the cracks. Block time every day to spend on your CRM to follow up with all contacts. – Thomas S.

Having a dedicated CRM which funnels all leads into it to make sure that the database is organized and continually updated is a great tip that helped us. – Brandon B.

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