4 Professional Development Tips for North Carolina Real Estate Brokers

African man wearing headphones sits at desk smiling, completing professional development course online

Professional development is a great way to stay ahead of the competition. A recent survey by McKissock Learning indicated that real estate salespeople who invest in their professional development earn nearly $50,000 more annually than those who don’t. Below, real estate professionals from across the country share advice on what they do to invest in their own professional development.

1. Take classes

Professional development for real estate professionals begins with education. Myriad courses are available to help you earn, maintain, and upgrade your real estate license. High-quality North Carolina real estate continuing education classes can help you gain essential skills, develop expertise, and continually grow your career.

“Always keep learning! Whether you are a seasoned real estate agent or new there is always something to learn! New technology to help grow your business, classes on different topics such as loans, foreclosures, scripts. Take in all the knowledge you can and then personalize and apply it to a way that works for you!” – Christi D.

2. Soak in everything real estate

While it’s good to develop a niche, a broad understanding of real estate is essential. It’s a good idea to learn everything you can about your local North Carolina housing market, community, and listings. At the same time, make sure you have a strong foundational knowledge of real estate principles and best practices.

“Knowledge is power. The more you know about listings, the more you know about the area, the more you know about houses in the sense of its structure and how it works, and the more you know about just real estate in general, people automatically want to choose you because they believe in your abilities as their real estate agent.” – Bryan C.

3. Make professional development a habit

Set aside time each week or each month for professional development. Subscribe to real estate magazines and blogs, listen to podcasts, read the real estate sections of newspapers, attend professional development seminars and conferences, read books, and follow industry leaders on social media.

“The number one trick for me is learning something new each day, this makes me more knowledgeable which in turn does the same for my clients.” – Michael C.

4. Go above and beyond what is required

If you want to stand out and stay ahead of the competition, you have to be willing to go above and beyond. Our final professional development tip for North Carolina real estate brokers is to take additional classes beyond the minimum continuing education (CE) requirements in your state. For example, in order to set yourself apart, you might take extra courses that will help you develop niche expertise in a certain area of real estate. Additionally, you might work with a real estate coach or participate in a professional development program for North Carolina real estate brokers that’s designed to keep you on the industry’s leading edge.

“Taking classes beyond the CE requirement keeps me up to date and in the know, making me an expert with my clients. It’s easy and should be a must for everyone in the industry to put education and involvement #1 on their list of things to do!” – Lisa H.

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