5 Key Characteristics of North Carolina Real Estate Brokers

Real estate broker who's just helped a young couple find their dream home

What are the most important characteristics of North Carolina real estate brokers? Whether it’s their desire to help people or their personal drive and ambition, a handful of qualities often distinguish the great brokers from the good ones. If you’re thinking about starting a real estate career in North Carolina, ask yourself if you share these five key characteristics of successful brokers.

1. A desire to help people

Real estate brokers are in a service profession. Their job centers on helping other people, whether they’re explaining the home-buying process, staging a home for a showing, or introducing a new family to the community. Without a desire to help people, brokers can easily burn out from the constant demands on their time. However, if you have that desire, little is more rewarding than helping people navigate one of the biggest financial decisions of their lifetime. 

2. Enthusiasm for real estate

Real estate is a complex business. It’s more than just enjoying HGTV and touring homes. It requires knowledge of the local community, real estate trends and data, and sales and negotiation. The most successful North Carolina real estate brokers love the entire business of real estate. When you have enthusiasm for the process, it will feed your clients’ excitement—and their trust in you.

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3. Energy and drive

It takes loads of energy and drive to accomplish everything that has to get done every day. A typical day can involve meeting buyers, doing a listing presentation, putting up signage, showing homes, writing contracts, negotiating offers, attending meetings, keeping up with continuing education, and even moving the kitty litter box so it’s out of sight for listing photos.

Your drive and ambition, and your organizational skills, will keep you motivated and help you get through the week smoothly. Your clients will note your energy and drive, just as they’ll appreciate your enthusiasm for the business.

4. A winning personality

Most North Carolina real estate clients expect their brokers to have an outgoing personality. Do you have to be super-extroverted to be a broker? Not necessarily. However, one of the top characteristics of North Carolina real estate brokers is a winning personality—one that’s enjoyable to be around.

Clients are looking for a broker who they feel comfortable with, one who has traits that gel with their own. A personality that works for one client may not work for another. But in general, it’s important to be likable, friendly, and unafraid of putting yourself out there.

5. Strong business acumen

You not only have to understand complex real estate transactions yourself, but you also have to be able to explain them to your clients. What’s more, as a real estate broker, you’re running your own small business. Do you have the business sense to handle marketing, administrative work, sales, and accounting? Successful real estate brokers generally have strong business backgrounds or make an effort to study and learn best practices. That’s why business acumen is one of the most important characteristics of North Carolina real estate brokers.

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