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real estate business plan

7 Steps to a Strong Real Estate Business Plan

Before construction begins on a home, a solid architectural plan is laid out to guide the construction team. Similarly, your real estate business should start the same way. A real estate business plan may seem daunting to create, but it is critical to developing…

Stressed young professional, rookie real estate broker working at home using lap top and looking anxious

5 Common Mistakes Made by Rookie Real Estate Brokers

When getting started in North Carolina real estate, it’s important to understand the common mistakes that can prevent you from realizing your full potential and achieving success in the business. Take your real estate career further, faster, by avoiding the following missteps made by…

Real estate agent smiling to the camera, showing a home to a young couple

The Keys to Success for New Real Estate Professionals

Starting out as a North Carolina real estate broker can be intimidating. It might feel as if only the most experienced and savvy brokers are getting anywhere, and that there’s no room in this business for a newcomer. But don’t worry, every experienced broker…