4 Ways Real Estate Brokers Can Give Back


Want your real estate career to make an impact on your local community? There are several ways North Carolina real estate brokers can give back and serve people in need. Through real estate charities and some creative thinking, you can use your career to help others. Here are some resources you can connect with if you’re looking for ways to support your community through your work.

1. Real Estate for Rehabilitation

This program, which supports the Salvation Army’s rehabilitation programs across the country, connects people who are getting rid of items during a move with Salvation Army representatives who will pick up their goods to sell in their thrift shops. All sales generated from donated goods go toward funding rehabilitation programs. Helping your clients downsize in this way not only helps others, but it’s also a great moving tip to save time and money during a move.

“This program was started with the idea that real estate brokers naturally are working with individuals who are moving and they may not want to take all of their items with them,” said Andrew Dobney, from the Salvation Army. “Instead of throwing them away, why don’t they call the Salvation Army who can come and pick them up free of charge and all of those items will go into our stores to be sold?”

How to get involved: You can read more about the program on the Real Estate for Rehabilitation website and order a marketing kit, which includes cards to hand to your clients when they’re moving with all the information they need. If you don’t have time to order a kit, you can simply tell your clients to schedule a pickup online at their convenience.

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2. Real Estate Wednesdays

Throughout the holidays, real estate brokers come together on Wednesdays to ring bells for the Salvation Army’s red kettle drives. Over the last five Christmas seasons, real estate professionals have participated to raise $1,464,191. They call the movement Real Estate Wednesdays and encourage real estate professionals and clients to come together for the cause.

“Bell ringing is essential to the work that we do,” said Dobney. “Every time we have a volunteer ringing bells we do see an increase in the monies that are given during that time. We’re only looking for a two-hour time slot.”

Bell ringing doesn’t have to be a solo activity either. In fact, Dobney said groups often join together to fill their time slot. “It can be a family thing, or a competition amongst the brokers. There are many different ways to make it a lot of fun for all those involved.”

How to get involved: Their website has resources on how to start bell ringing in your area and ideas on how to include other real estate brokers and your clients. If there isn’t already a Real Estate Wednesdays group in your area, you can sign up to become a captain—which means you take responsibility for a Kettle for all the Wednesdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. You can schedule other real estate professionals and clients to ring during different time slots.

3. Giveback Homes

If you’re handy and want to put some sweat equity into your charity work, consider teaming up with Giveback Homes. Here’s how they describe themselves on their website: “Giveback Homes is a community of real estate professionals who are committed to creating social change by helping build homes for deserving families around the globe. We work together to organize fundraising events, mobilize teams of volunteer homebuilders, and we inspire others to take action for social good.”

They build homes across the U.S. and in countries like Mexico, Haiti and Nicaragua.

How to get involved: Become a member on their website to support home building financially and through Giveback Build Days domestically and internationally. Once you’re a member, the organization will set you up with branded marketing so you can differentiate yourself with your clients and let them know you support this charity as part of your work.

4. Door knocking with a purpose

Looking for an opportunity that’s less structured? How about trying a new take on door knocking? Canvass the neighborhood with large paper bags that people can fill with canned goods for the local food bank. You can brand the bags with your name and business, and leave some information about the food drive you’re doing. Then, circle back a few days later to pick up any food. It’s an easy way to connect with people in your community, an approachable way to door knock, and you’re doing something to help others.

Even though it takes some extra time and effort out of your day to organize and participate in charitable events, giving back feels great! Plus, it can help you connect with more people in your industry and community. The best part, though? You’re using your real estate expertise to help people who are truly in need.