How to Write Real Estate Listing Copy That Sells

New broker learning how to write real estate listing copy that sells

Professional photos are important, but strong real estate listing copy can make a world of difference in how many views your listing receives. By writing appealing copy, you can convert interest into action and showings into closed sales. Every listing you write as a North Carolina real estate broker is going to be unique, and there’s a lot more to it than just listing the various selling features. Consider the following tips on how to write real estate listing copy that sells.

Lead with a compelling headline

Your headline determines whether or not the visitor will click through to your listing. It should be unique and enticing, using descriptive and meaningful adjectives. This is the first opportunity prospects have to picture themselves at home in your property. Engage them enough so that they follow your story and (hopefully) schedule a viewing.

Use strong keywords

To be appealing, your real estate listing description needs to include specific search terms people use while researching homes. Keywords like “open concept” or “stainless steel appliances” rank high when it comes to selling features. “Closet space” and “hardwood floors” are also attractive features.

But where do you start if you’re listing an older home? How can you properly sell a neighborhood? And what approach do you take if your real estate listing has been on the market for an extensive amount of time?

Zillow conducted an analysis of 24,000 home sales, and the real estate website learned that certain keywords used in listing descriptions meant that homes often sold for more money. They identified fifteen keywords, including luxurious, captivating, and impeccable.

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Understand your market

Writing ads that are specific to your local North Carolina real estate market allows you to focus your attention on prospects who are (most) ready to make an offer. What’s important in downtown Charlotte may be an afterthought in rural Jacksonville. Do buyers in your local area care about having an attached garage? Do they want to be able to walk to nearby shops and restaurants? When you’re writing the real estate listing copy, think about what features are most popular in your market, and put those things near the top of the listing. If your neighborhood has a highly regarded school district, and you are legally able to promote it, make sure that’s highlighted as well.

Use your space

Edina Realty real estate agent Joey Oslund has found success by utilizing the agent remarks section. “Writing up a strong remarks portion of the listing is very important,” said Oslund. “This is the agent’s opportunity to include renovations to the home that aren’t visible to the eye, such as a new furnace, new roof, or updated insulation in the attic.”

Find a unique selling proposition

Differentiate your inventory from your competitors’ inventory by including an added bonus. Consider paying 100% of the buyer’s closing costs should they make an offer during a specific time frame. Or you could offer a small discount from the listed price if they are a social media “friend” of your business, a new resident to the area, past client, etc.

Use a call to action

Include a closing statement that tells buyers to contact you. Don’t be afraid to create a sense of urgency about the fact that this could be their last opportunity to buy this property. Make sure your listing includes all of your contact information so they can call, click, or visit.

Knowing how to write real estate listing copy that sells is an important skill to have as a North Carolina real estate broker. For more tips and insights to help you grow your business, download our free Real Estate Broker Income Guide.