3 Simple Tips for a Successful Real Estate Social Media Campaign

3 Simple Tips for a Successful Real Estate Social Media Campaign

Social media marketing for real estate has become a bonafide way to market your business and build your personal brand. Want to know why? Your biggest market at this moment (and likely for years to come) are Millennials. And Millennials love their social media. As a North Carolina real estate broker, social media is one of your best options for reaching the people most likely to need your services. Here are three simple tips for running a successful social media campaign.

1. Post at the right times

It seems painfully obvious, but you need to be posting when your followers are actually online—not when it strikes you or you “have the time.” Admittedly, pinpointing that time isn’t always easy, but adopting software, such as SproutSocial or Crowdbooster, can make the task a little easier.

Most important, though, is that you post consistently and frequently. One or two posts a week won’t accomplish much; you need to be posting daily.

2. Post content your followers want

This is another one that seems too basic to mention, but you’d be surprised by how many real estate professionals—and business owners, in general—fail to do it.

It’s all too common: Brokers share content that only other brokers will care about, such as industry updates or news. Or they get too political or share some other opinions they should keep to themselves. Worse, they fill their feeds with listing after listing. That last one is especially egregious. Think about all your friends who are hawking the latest weight loss aid, jewelry, makeup, face creams, or silly tights on Facebook. It’s downright annoying, right?

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You want to be sharing content that is relevant to past and potential buyers and sellers in your town or city. While everyone is not looking to buy or sell right now, you still want those people to follow you and engage with your content. The more they do, the better the chances that they will send you referrals or share your content, which could lead to new followers and potential clients.

Along with property postings, mix in other content, such as neighborhood news, home maintenance, design and repair tips, and advice for buying or selling. Most experts suggest following the 80/20 rule, so for every two promotions you share, post eight pieces of informational or educational content.

3. Make the most of hashtags

They aren’t just some cutesy way to elicit a chuckle. Real estate hashtags are a valuable marketing and discovery tool. They allow you to quickly see what topics are trending so that you can turn topics or phrases into clickable links that will drive people back to you. They make it easy for potential clients to find you and current clients to connect with you. Plus, they allow you to find relevant content you can share or conversations you can join. Finally, you can post about events you’re hosting or sponsoring, such as open houses or charity events.

Examples: #Your target neighborhood (e.g., #BoylanHeights), #JustListed, #Location + the style of home you’re listing (e.g., #TopsailBeachfront), #DreamHome #StarterHome, #Investment.

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