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A female real estate professional meeting with her client, checking her phone, multitasking

4 Time Management Tips for Real Estate Professionals

No two days in real estate are alike. That’s what we love so much about this profession; it keeps you on your toes. But with all the excitement and daily tasks—from administrative tasks to showing homes, negotiating contracts, home inspections, office duty, marketing, and…

African American Generation Z homebuyers, young married couple hugging in front of the house they just bought

What You Need to Know About Generation Z Homebuyers

Step aside, Millennials. There’s a new generation in town. Generation Z homebuyers have entered the real estate market. Generation Z, also known as the “Net” or “Digital” generation, comprises those born from about 1996 to 2010. The oldest among them are now in their…

North Carolina Property Investment Strategies 101

North Carolina Property Investment Strategies 101

One of the best aspects of real estate investing is the variety of options that you can choose from. If you are thinking about property investment strategies—whether you have a North Carolina real estate license or not—you must be wondering which way to take.…